City Directory — Valleydale, Beausoleil, Blue Ridge County

Local Government




Mayor                                                     Delmer Hostetter

Council Member                                     Louise Mutispaugh

Council Member                                     Eaton Wise

Council Member                                     T.A. “Tater” Chipps

Council Member                                     Willie Jefferson

Council Member                                     Rondah Bullard

Council Member                                     Leland “Bud” Clark



City Manager                                          Ron Allen “Don” Prentice

Finance Director                                     Luverne Stamp

Police Chief                                            Buford Honeycutt

Fire Chief                                                L. E. “Skeeter” Wofford

City Engineer                                          Craig V. Oliphant

Clerk                                                       Horace Culpepper

City Attorney                                          Phoebe Kerr

Blue Ridge County



Chair                                                       Penelope Hinds, Cupps Creek District

Boone District                                        Cleveland McNitt

South River District                               Robert “Bobby” Clark

North River District                               Will Waddell

Wilson Creek District                            James E. “Jim” Jones



County Administrator                            Rufus T. Stallard

Assessor                                                 Patricia Daley

Sheriff                                                    T.E. “Tink” Swofford

Fire-Rescue Chief                                  Cecelia “Sissy” Baxter

Commissioner of the Revenue               Forrest Greene

Commonwealth’s  Attorney                   Joshua A. Taliaferro

Circuit Judge                                          J. Meriwether Goodspeed

District Judge                                         Jenkins “Jinks” Holland




Mayor                                                     Claudette Peters

Council Member                                    Daniel Mountain

Council Member                                    R.D. “Country” Singer

Council Member                                    Calvin B. “Woolie Booger” Arrington

Council Member                                    Sarah “Penny” Mays

Council Member                                    Lafayette Napoleon “Nap” Harris



City Manager                                          L.E. “Skeet” Thurston

Finance Director                                     Eula James

Police Chief                                            Curtis “Cooter” Wilcox

Fire Chief                                                Ronald Cox

City Engineer                                          Hal Stanton

Clerk                                                       Loretta “Etty” Stuart

City Attorney                                          George W. Wilson


Health Care




Administrator                                          Joy Poindexter

Chief of Staff                                          Eileen Hunter, M.D.



Superintendent                                        Eleanor Grigsby

Welland Elementary School                   Tonya Winfrey, principal

Howard Lynton Middle School              Ray Martin, principal

South High School                                  R. W. “Fred” Ferris, principal

Blue Ridge County

Superintendent                                        Howard Fine

Blue Ridge County  High School           Leonard Tilton, principal

North River  Middle School                    Philip Casteneda, principal

Blue Ridge Middle School                    Clifford “Zeke” Smith, principal

Central Elementary School                     Harry Peters, principal

Ellison Elementary School                     Sheryl Potter, principal

Bluefield Elementary School                 Gerald Davis, principal

Ridge View Elementary School             Todd Benson, principal

Wilson Creek Elementary School          Mary Prentice, principal


Superintendent                                        Holly Fairborn

Irland Bromfeld High School                 Felicia “Lish” McDonald, principal

Irland Bromfeld Middle School             Lester J. Parsons, principal

Enfield Heights  Elementary School      Malcolm “Mac” Foster, principal

King Elementary  School                       Preston Howe, principal


(addresses are in Valleydale unless noted)


AAIX, Casper, Dr. (Evelyn) owner, Blue Ridge Animal Hosp, 219 North River Rd.

ACE HARDWARE STORE 2110 Sycamore Ave., Beausoleil

APPLE, George (Ada) Valleydale Public Works dir., 413 Summit St.

APPLE MANUFACTURING CO., K. L. Walton, Pres., 4000 Midland Trail, Beausoleil

ALLEN, Preston M. (Phoebe D., atty.) faculty, SMA, 113 Marshall St.

ANDERSEN, Priscilla, waitress, 1711 Walnut St., Beausoleil

ALFORD, Dexter (Wendy, hosp tech) owner, Railyard Café, 1280 John Wesley Rd., Blue Ridge County

ARRINGTON, Calvin B., Beausoleil City Council mbr.; retired, 131 Locust St., Beausoleil


BANG, Robert C. (Anne M.) auto dealer, 3889 Royal Ave.

BARNETT, Charles (Addie, nurse) Apple  Mfg. Co., 905 Locust St., Beausoleil

BAXTER, Cecelia “Sissy” (Howard, mechanic) county fire-rescue chief, 311 Forbes Rd., Blue Ridge County

BAXTER, Victoria, reporter, 379 Flower Lane, Blue Ridge County

BEATTY, Effie, asst mgr Valley Bank, 1395 Rebel Dr.

BEAUCHAMP, Ottis (Sherri) pipefitter, 1912 Sycamore St., Beausoleil

BENSON, Todd (Marya, tchr) principal, Ridge View Elem., 181 South River Rd., Stonewall

BLAND, Talya M., sales clerk, 400 E. Randolph St. #405

BLATCHKY, Martha, Seven-11 owner, 618 S. Main St.

BLITCH, Iris Fairchild, ret’d. schoolteacher, 181 Walt Faulkner Hwy., Inverness

BLUE RIDGE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL, Leonard Tilton, principal, 1 High School Rd., Blue Ridge County

BLUE RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL Clifford “Zeke” Smith, principal, Brownville Rd., Blue Ridge County

BLUEFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Gerald Davis, principal, Bluefield Cir., Bluefield

BOONE, James A. (Twila, tchr) auto salesman, 420 Buffalo Creek Tpke., Culleytown

BOWERS, Randy, student, SMA

BRADFORD, Hermione, potter, 120 Honeysuckle Hill

BRELSFORD, Tiffany Belle student, VPU 137 N. Randolph St.

BRUNELLI,  Melvin “Weasel” (Lorna) private investigator, Rte. 15 N., Blue Ridge County

BROWNE, Aaron W. (Cressida) emp Calhoun Trucking Co., 986 Oak Ave., Beausoleil

BULLARD, Amos (Rondah, Valleydale city council member) evangelist, 390 Thorntree Rd.

BURNSIDE, James W. (Addie) owner Shenandoah Valley Books, 1900 McLaren St.


CAMPBELL, Howard D. (Abigail, shopkeeper) owner, Campbell Trucking Co., 19 Forbes Road, Blue Ridge County

CAMPBELL TRUCKING COMPANY, Howard D. Campbell, owner, McCormack Road, Bluefield

CAPEN, Vince (Amy, ex. dir. Valleydale Chamber of Commerce), ret’d. Marine Corps sgt., 111 Montevista Rd., Blue Ridge County

CASTENEDA, Philip (Rosa, bank teller) principal, North River Middle School, 711 Hawes Creek Rd., Blue Ridge County

CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Harry Peters, principal, Central Road, Valleydale

CHALFONT, Hector (Irma) emp Apple Mfg. Co., 139 22d St., Beausoleil

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Valleydale, 28 N. Main St.

CHAMBERS, Helen asst. commonwealth’s atty., 55 Fox Chase Trail, Blue Ridge County

CHASTAIN’S FUNERAL HOME, Lawrence Pearson, dir., 565 S. Main St.

CHIPPS, T. A. “Tater” (Petulia, shopkeeper) Valleydale City Council mbr., mgr., K-Mart, 311 Stonewall Cir.

CLARK, Leland “Bud” (Miranda) Valleydale City Council mbr., auto mechanic, 47 McCann Dr.

CLARK, Robert “Bobby” Blue Ridge County Supervisor, farmer, Scot’s Creek Rd., Stonewall

CLARK, Tom, janitor, 990 Farm Rd., Blue Ridge County

CLOTFELTER, Sturgis P., heavy equipment operator, 37 Wilson Turnpike, Zeno

CONNOLLY, Sarah, Valleydale firefighter, 318 Emerald St.


COX, Ronald Beausoleil fire chief, 311 Camellia Ave., Beausoleil

CULPEPPER, Horace (Donna) Valleydale city clerk, 9 Jackson Ave.

CUPP’S CREEK AIRSTRIP Airport Ln., Blue Ridge County


DALEY, Patricia, Blue Ridge County assessor, 48 Big Bluff Rd., Blue Ridge County

DALRYMPLE, Donald (Jane) emp. Apple Mfg. Co., 567 W. 14th St., Beausoleil

DAPSE, Ernest (Jayne, accountant) prof. VPU, 2414 Rose St.

DARTON, Valjean C., ret’d. tchr., 117 Flower Lane, Blue Ridge County

DAVIES, C.D. “Tarheel” ret’d., former Valleydale mayor, 88 Enright Rd.

DAVIS, Gerald (Betty) principal, Bluefield Elementary School, 788 Timber Ridge Rd., Bluefield

De SHIELD, Wallace N. (Marjorie) Valleydale Police det., 1809 W 34th St., Beausoleil

DIX, Ervin, emp. Berg’s Quarry, 1411 North River Road

DOBBINS, Howard F. (Dorcas, weaver) artist, 1910 John Wesley Rd., Blue Ridge County

DOMINICK’S PIZZA 101 N. Roosevelt St.


DUFF, Billy Joe, emp. Apple  Mfg. Co., 555 Walnut St., Beausoleil

DURRMAN, Bernard F. (Ramona) owner, The Red Front, 2267 Summit St.

DYNCE, Alvin (Priddie) det., Blue Ridge County, 111 Mole Hollow Rd., Blue Ridge County


EASTMAN, Gunnar (Emmalou) consultant, 2001 Old Mill Rd., Blue Ridge County

ELLIOTT, Dale (Cynthia, artist) mgr., North River Manufacturing Co., Scenic Way, Culleytown

ELLISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Sheryl Potter,  principal, Culleytown Road, Blue Ridge County

ENFIELD HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Malcolm “Mac” Foster, principal, End Road, Beausoleil

ESTELLA, Penelope, mgr. Pip’s Graphics, 698 Reagan St.



FAIRBORN, Holly (Zeus, welder) superintendent, Beausoleil Schools, 3314 Magnolia, Beausoleil

FAITH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 379 Birch Ave., Beausoleil

FENDER, Fred pastor Grace Presbyterian Church, The Manse, 511 S. Main St.

FERRIS, R.W. “Fred” (Ann, tchr.) principal, South High School, 114 Lime Tree Rd.

FINE, Howard (Patsy) Superintendent, Blue Ridge County Schools, 222 Lewis St.

FINE, Seymour (Fred Robertson, law professor, VPU) law professor, VPU, 211 Walt Faulkner Hwy., Inverness

FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, C. B. Jones, pastor, 114 Magnolia Ave., Beausoleil

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH W.A. Stout, pastor, 782 S. Main St.

FLIES UNLIMITED Thomas Poindexter, owner, 411 Low St., Beausoleil

FOOD LION Dale Mutispaugh, mgr., Old Lynchburg Hwy., Beausoleil

FOSTER, Malcolm “Mac” principal Enfield Heights Elementary School, 1911 Chesnut St., Beausoleil

FOSTER, Jeff (Dorothy) school teacher, 311 Bath Rd., Eden

FOX, Christie, teacher, 447 Randolph St.

FRISBEE, Quentin “Twink,” prop. The Breeze Restaurant, 330 Lewis St.


GEORGE’S BOUND TIMBERS George Peabody, owner, Rt. 60, Beausoleil

GOODSPEED, J. Meriwether (Ilsa) circuit judge, Little Steppe, 48 Schoolhouse Rd., Blue Ridge         County

GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Fred Fender, pastor, 506 S. Main St.

GRAHAM, Susan C., atty., 1515 Lime Tree Rd.

GRANT, Alan W. (Susan E. accountant) Valleydale police off., 1567 Catawba Pl.

GRAY, James D., custodian, VPU, 2060 Monroe Ave.

GREENE, Forrest (Ramona, shopkeeper) Commissioner of the Revenue, 11 High Bridge Rd., Blue Ridge County

GRIGSBY, Eleanor superintendent, Valleydale schools, 419 Myers St.


H&M TIRE CO., Martha Hudson, owner, 10 S. Randolph St.

HALLOWAY, Frank (Lily, florist) VPU faculty, chair North Service Authority, 10 Bluebird Way

HARRIS FUNERAL HOME, Lafayette Harris, owner, 216 Hemlock Ave., Beausoleil

HARRIS, Lafayette Napoleon “Nap” (Lisa) owner, Harris Funeral Home, mbr., Beausoleil City Council, 218 Hemlock Ave., Beausoleil

HARRISON, Theodore (Anne) pastor, Randolph Street United Methodist Church, 11 Old Farm Rd., Blue Ridge County

HATCHER, Amy, engineer, 355 Welland St.

HEALEY, Timmy (Suzanne, Blue Ridge County Sheriff’s deputy) Valleydale police off., 600 Brownville Tpke., Brownville

HIGGINBOTHAM, G. J. Dutch (Marjorie), farmer, Whirlaway Farms, 3 Parkersburg Pike, Blue Ridge County

HINDS, Penelope chair, Blue Ridge County supervisors, 4 Stillrun Rd., Blue Ridge County

HOLLAND, Jenkins “Jinks” (Virginia, atty.) district judge, Blue Ridge County, 7  Airport Rd., Blue Ridge County

HONEYCUTT, Buford (Trish, 911 dispatcher) Valleydale police chief, 211 Hooker Pl.

HONEYWELL, Merton B. “Skip” III, student, 22 N. Main St.

HOPE PROJECT, THE 211 Fulham St.

HOSTETTER, Delmer (Treena) Mayor, Valleydale, owner, Sports for All, 119 Lee Ave.

HOWARD LYNTON MIDDLE SCHOOL Ray Martin, principal, 300 Emerald St.

HOWE, Preston (Nancy, social worker) principal, King Elementary School, 22 Lynchburg Hwy., Beausoleil

HUDSON, Martha, owner, H&M Tire Co., 101 Thorntree Rd.

HUNTER, Eileen Dr., chief of staff, Jeb Stuart Memorial Hospital, 111 Travis St.

HUNTER, Meriwether Chase “Chip,” 1196 Onyx St.



INGERSOLL,  Matilda, ret’d. U.S. Army, 100 Edmund St.

IRLAND BROMFELD HIGH SCHOOL Felicia “Lish” McDonald, principal, Irland Bromfeld Rd., Beausoleil

IRLAND BROMFELD MIDDLE SCHOOL Lester J. Parsons, principal, Middle School Rd., Beausoleil


JACKSON, Melvin G. (Ellie) court reporter, 397 W. 37th St., Beausoleil

JAMES, Eula finance director, Beausoleil, 809 33rd St., Beausoleil

JEB STUART MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Joy Poindexter, administrator, 111 Foxwood Dr.

JEFFERSON, Willie, undertaker, Valleydale City Council mbr., 209 Fulton St.

JEFFERSON, Naomi, maid VPU, 139 N. Randolph St.

JONES, Betty, exec. dir., Blue Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce, 2344 Old Mill Rd., Blue Ridge County

JONES, Buford. (Darlene, tchr.) prof., SMA, 387 Salt Ave.

JONES, Frederick “Rick” (Janice, nurse) Valleydale sanitation supervisor, 54 Hooper Lane

JONES, James E. “Jim” (Etta) farmer, Blue Ridge County supervisor, 123 Zeno Rd., Blue Ridge County

JUSTICE, Kelly M., mgr., Kentucky Fried Chicken, 144 Summit St.


KEEL, Howard, ret’d., 13 Blue Ridge Way, Blue Ridge County

KERR, Phoebe (George, musician) Valleydale city attorney, 87 Johann Bach Rd.

KLEINDIENST, Phoebe ret’d. school teacher, 11 Grouse Run, Blue Ridge County

KING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Preston Howe, principal, King Circle, Beausoleil

KOCH, James R. (Mildred, nurse) owner Golden Griddle Restaurant, 3015 Midway Trail, Blue Ridge County

KONDRICKI, Fletcher (Laura, tchr., Ridge View Elementary School) tchr., Ridge View Elementary School, 39 Cedar Lane, Blue Ridge County

KRAMER, Ella professor, VPU, 31 Salt Ave.

KRAMER, Tom, emp. Va. Dept. of Transportation, 31a Salt Ave.

KRANTZ, Paul, freelance writer, 11 Floral Hill Dr.

KRAY, Billie-Kay, editor, 1319 Freemont Rd., Blue Ridge County

KROGER FOOD STORES Austin Uncas mgr., Center Square

KRUG, Jon (Molly) president First Union Bank, 27 Country Club Dr.


LeBLANC, MEAGAN student VPU 137 N. Randolph St.

LINDSAY, Carter L., driver, Campbell Trucking Co., 895 E. 11th St., Beausoleil

LLOYD’S BISTRO, Elton Sowell, owner, 27 W. Adams St.

LOONEY, Mel reporter, WHIC-FM, 322 38th Pl., Beausoleil

LOWRING, Jason F. (Harriett, maid) Valleydale postmaster, 1178 Cupp’s Creek Rd., Blue Ridge County


MARTIN, Ray (Cheryl) principal, Howard Lynton Middle School, 5 North River Rd., Blue Ridge Baths

MAYS, Zachary (Sarah “Penny”, Beausoleil City Council mbr.) mgr. Ace Hardware, 788 Nursing Home Way, Beausoleil

McDONALD, Felicia “Lish” principal, Irland Bromfeld High School, 39 Descartes Rd., Wilson Creek

McGEE, Duncan M. (Olivia, dental technician) retired, 880 W. 14th St., Beausoleil

McLEOD, Anita tchr., North River Middle School, 88 Jordan St.

McNAB, Lewis (Ngwanda, physician) minister Randolph Street Baptist Church, 237 Fulton St.

McNITT, Cleveland, auto dealer, county supervisor, 313 Mole Hollow Rd., Blue Ridge County

McNITT CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Cleveland McNitt, owner, 444 Lee Highway

MILLER, Melvin (Gloria, masseuse) tchr., Central Elementary School, 18 Fillmore Ave.

MITZENFELDT, Melvin, firefighter, 444 Enwright Rd.

MOORE, Thomas A. (Elise, prof. VPU) pilot, 980 W. 26th St., Beausoleil

MOUNTAIN, Daniel (widr. Reba) ret’d. railroad worker, Beausoleil City Council mbr., 439 Maple St., Beausoleil

MUTISPAUGH, Dale (Louise, Valleydale city council mbr.) mgr. Food Lion, 480 Wallace St.


NESBITT, J.H. “HOSS” (Sarah “Snootie”), surveyor, 678 Possum Rd., Blue Ridge County

NEWMAN, Philip exec. dir. North Service Authority, 477 Buck Terr., Blue Ridge County

NORTH RIVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Dale Elliott, mgr., N. 13th St., Beausoleil

NORTH RIVER MIDDLE SCHOOL Philip Casteneda, principal, 600 Summit St.

NORTH SERVICE AUTHORITY Philip Newman, exec. dir., 4 Wastewater Ln., Blue Ridge County


OLERUD, Jimmy, photographer, 337 Lee Highway, Blue Ridge County

OLIPHANT, Craig V. (Brenda, insurance sales) Valleydale city engineer, 119 Wells Cir.

ONTOP MOTOR FREIGHT, Sporrin Spruance, mgr., 44 Overlook Highway, Blue Ridge County


PAOLI, Dominick (Rosa) owner, Dominick’s Pizza, 38 Blue Ridge Turnpike, Blue Ridge County

PEABODY, George (Allie) owner, George’s Bound Timbers, Eden Pike, Eden

PENNEBAKER, Rubelia, deputy, Blue Ridge County Sheriff’s Department, 33 Bitterroot Dr., Blue Ridge County

PARSONS, Lester J. (Lottie) principal, Irland Bromfeld Middle School, 890 Arnolds Rd., Wilson Creek

PASTY, Norbert, janitor, 458 Summit St.

PEARSON, Lawrence G. (Melinda) dir. Chapel of Memories, 779 Lewis St.

PERROW, Minni (wid. Leland) 617 E. 14th St., Beausoleil

PETERS, Harry (Claudette, Beausoleil mayor) principal, Central Elementary School, 4338 Locust St., Beausoleil

PIERCE, Howard (Sarah, bank teller) auto mechanic, 101 Trailer Park Ln., Beausoleil

PLANK, Harvey (Sally, waitress) cook, 145 Birch Ave., Beausoleil

POINDEXTER, Henry (Joy, administrator Jeb Stuart Memorial Hospital) stockbroker, 58 Salt Ave.

POINDEXTER, Thomas W. (Miranda) shopowner, 195 Trout Ln., Blue Ridge County

POLLERD, Jon (Candace, fisheries mgr.) sergeant, Valleydale Police Dept., 2 North Buffalo Head Rd., Culleytown

PONTEFRACT, Emory W., dir. community relations, Virginia Power, 32 Fillmore Ave.

POTTER, Sheryl principal, Ellison Elementary School, 3 Covered Bridge Rd., Culleytown

PRENTICE, Ron Allen “Don” (Mary, principal Wilson Creek Elementary School) Valleydale city mgr., 422 White St.

PRITCHARD, Ann Marie exec. dir., The Hope Project, 45 Cliffs Lane, Blue Ridge County


QUICK, Fred (Beverly, nurse) tchr., South High School, 1575 Carter Rd., Blue Ridge County

QUILLIAN, Mary bookkeeper, city of Valleydale, 5111 Enfield Ave., #11, Beausoleil


RANDOLPH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Lewis McNab, pastor, 104 N. Randolph St.

RANDOLPH STREET UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Theodore Harrison, pastor, 110 S. Randolph St.

RANNEFORD, Jerry (Zita) prof., VPU, 547 Oak St., Beausoleil

RED FRONT, The, Bernard F. Durrman, owner, 123 S. Main St.

REEVES, Lawrence ret’d. Valleydale city clerk, 44 Stonewall Cir.

REX, Percy J. (Cordelia) Blue Ridge County medical examiner, 321 Skunk Rd., Blue Ridge County

RICHARDSON, Bruce E., prof., VPU, 1913 John Wesley Rd., Blue Ridge County

RIDGE VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Todd Benson principal, Hollow Road,  Blue Ridge County

ROANOKE HERALD, Blue Ridge County bureau, 411 S. Roosevelt St.

ROBERTSON, Fred (Seymour Fine, law professor, VPU) law professor, VPU, 211 Walt Faulkner Hwy., Inverness

ROLLINS, T.D. “Pete” (Carol, clerk) sanitation worker, 510 Spruce St., Beausoleil


SANCHEZ-RODRIGUEZ, Teresita L. atty., 911 Salt Ave.

SANDFORD, Harry, firefighter, 862 W. Trafalgar St.

SANTABRIE, Glynnis, education coordinator, The Hope Project, 344 Myers St., Apt. 4

SEVEN-11 STORE  Martha Blatchky, owner, 28 E. Trafalgar St.

SHONEY’S  Dwight Upman, mgr., 144 Chestnut St., Beausoleil

SIMPSON, Gail city worker, Beausoleil, 111 Magnolia Ave., Beausoleil

SINGER, R.D. “Country” (Oprah, musician) undertaker, Beausoleil City Council mbr., 410 Locust Ave., Beausoleil

SMART, Maxwell construction worker 14 Old Bridge Ln., Rock Falls

SMITH, Clifford “Zeke” principal, Blue Ridge Middle School, 11 Cyrus McCord Ln., Iron Forge

SMITH, Patrick L. (Sherri, teacher.) Officer, Valleydale police, 107 S. Randolph St.

SMITH, Harold (A.P., educator) prof. VPU, 304 S. Roosevelt St.

SMYTHE-WILHOIT, Brittany Davis student, VPU, 137 N. Randolph St.

SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL, Eleanor Williams, principal, Welland St.

SOWELL, Elton (Ronnie, dry cleaner) owner, Lloyd’s Bistro, 313 Randolph St.

SPANGLER, H. Merritt Jr. (Sophia, physician) engineer, Chair, North Service Authority, 13 Edmund St..

SPORTS FOR ALL Delmer Hostetter, mgr., 28 N. Main St.

SPRUANCE, Sporrin, owner, OnTop Freight Co., 333 Elbert Dinkins Highway, Rock Falls

STALLARD, Rufus T. (Zita) county administrator, Blue Ridge County, 311 Bird Rd., Blue Ridge County

STAMP, Luverne, Valleydale finance dir., 658 Travis St.

STANTON, Hal,  Beausoleil city engineer, Old Beausoleil Rd., Blue Ridge County

STUART, Jason (Loretta “Etty”, Beausoleil city clerk) banker, 677 Border Trail, Blue Ridge County

SWOFFORD, T.E. “Tink” (Clarice, mgr. Wal-Mart) sheriff, Blue Ridge County, 77 Little Mountain Rd., Zeno


TALIAFERRO, Joshua A. commonwealth’s atty., Blue Ridge County, 14 Trent Ridge Rd., Blue Ridge County

TEECE, Gordon L. (Diane), farmer, 1 Balloon Falls Rd., Inverness

THATCHER, Beckley (Thelma) atty., 11 Quail Run, Blue Ridge County

THE BREEZE RESTAURANT Quentin “Twink” Frisbee, prop., Trafalgar and Roosevelt Sts.

THOMAS, Asa (Alison, bus driver) auto dealer, 55 S. Buffalo Fork, Blue Ridge County

THOMAS MOTORS Asa Thomas, ownr., Hwy. 50 W.

THURSTON, L. E. “Skeet,” city mgr. Beausoleil, 111 Magnolia Ave., Beausoleil

TILTON, Leonard principal, Blue Ridge County High School, 5111 Lee Hwy., Blue Ridge County

TOLLIVER, Billy Joe (Carrie) welder, 113 Red Rock Ln., Bluefield

TOPPING, Courtney Ann student, VPU, 137 N. Randolph St.


TURPIN, Ed (Alice, Valleydale deputy finance director) art gallery mgr., 413 Cemetery Dr.


UNCAS, Austin A. (Prunella, nurse) mgr., Kroger Food Stores Inc., 209 Falling Doe Rd., Blue Ridge County

UPMAN, Dwight (Cheryl, real estate broker) mgr., Shoney’s, 144 Chestnut St., Beausoleil

USTERMAN, Richard (Taylene) laborer, 1911 Elm St.., Beausoleil


VALE, Gerald (Ernestine) foreman, Apple Mfg. Co., 336 Edmund Ave.

VALLEYDALE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Edwin F. Younts, minister,  Main and Trafalgar Streets

VANCE, Thurgood (Connie) truck driver, 6100 Snake Ln., Culleytown

VINCENT, R. J. (Muriel, tchr.) owner, R.J. Vincent and Assocs., Stockbrokers, 11 Magnolia Ave., Beausoleil


WADDELL, Will, Realtor, Blue Ridge County Supervisor, Old Plume Road, Blue Ridge County

WELLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Tonya Winfrey, principal, McLaren St.

WAL-MART  Rt. 15 N., Blue Ridge County

WEDDELL, Sharon, Blue Ridge County dir. of community relations, 12 Blue Heron Lane, Blue Ridge County

WHEELOCK, Cathy, magazine editor, 448 Travis St.

WHIC-FM Radio Station, 111 Magnolia Ave., Beausoleil

WIGGINS, Robert “Bobby” (Thelma, dog trainer) Sgt., Virginia State Police, coordinator, Blue Ridge Regional Drug Task Force, 44 Marble Valley Rd., Blue Ridge County

WILCOX, Curtis “Cooter,” police chief, Beausoleil, 191 Landfill Rd., Blue Ridge County

WILSON CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Mary Prentice, principal, School Rd., Wilson Creek

WILSON, George W. city atty., Beausoleil, 1 Balcony Rd., Inverness

WINFREY, Lee (Tonya, principal, Welland Elementary School) hairdresser, 411 Royce Rd.

WISE, Eaton (Dorothy Mae, organist) auto salesman, mbr., Valleydale City Council, 12 Marshall St.

WOFFORD, L.E. “Skeeter” Valleydale fire chief, 2222 Midland Trail, Blue Ridge County


YAMASHITA, Sessue, Dr. (Miko, pharmacist) director, Blue Ridge County Social Services, 910 Rebel Dr.

YOUNGMAN, Henry (Priscilla, dental asst.) phys., 4 Enfield Rd., Beausoleil

YOUNTS, Edwin F. (Mary) pastor, Valleydale Presbyterian Church, 590 S. Main St.

ZYSGER, Bob (Kay E.), mgr., North River Bed & Breakfast, 190 Riverwash Rd., Blue Ridge County



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